Next month

Yo I know everyone is broke right now, that is why I am giving y’all jebroni’s heads mother fucking up. There is a week in october where it pops off for music coming through Houston!

Starts oct 8th with Com Truise @ Fitzgerald’s latest full album here:

Live video here:

Favorite track here

Super psychedelic shit, borderline weird, very chill, no turning up here

Then October 9th is Bonobo
@house of blues

See attached video
Favorite album here:(3rd most recent) (highlight mix of the album)

Favorite song here:

This cat is dope especially when he has his band around him, they are dope! Also very chill no turning up here either.

Or the same day house of blues peacock room we have

Dope songs

Too 5 song 2014 for me:

This Danish song bird made her way into my heart early this year and remains there to this day

On to October 9 
SBTRKT at house of blues

For me this is the song that this group on the map and when you do a song with little dragon you can’t really go wrong: (for reference little dragon was the best act at Coachella last year hands down)

2nd favorite song

Oct 11 we have Katy perry ahh just kidding, well kind of she is fine. But I digress,
Two choices glitch mob, or the m machine, i personally want to go see the m machine so And I have seen glitch mob before

In closing keep in mind a lot of these people are unknown so there potentially might not be a lot of people there, but I plan on going to see them all, trying to up my photo game with Eric so got to get some practice in, thank you for your time